30 seconds of speech

Hey there,
now something I really suffered from. What is that feeling I have about life? What is it worth? Especially when it think of the value my existence has got. And even more what would I want to say to everyone in my state of life to get to know everyone how I feel about this whole thing called life and death and happiness.
Maybe I would talk about the awkwardness that I don’t understand the world with all its gaps and bumps. Sometimes it feels like the whole thing would be a repeating game. Not like a video game but like a condition where you perceive and in the same moment think of something else. It seems it real and somehow disturbing that it’s so confusing. Maybe it’s only how I feel sometimes about this thing called life but I thought that this is only the case because I haven’t found my future dream. It’s true. The search is going on and I can only see the distant spruces in the fog. How they swift through the wind and gaze at me saying: Come at us but first clear the fog so you won’t fall over your own feet.

This fog is so dense that it appears to be not soluble. And even though there’s this little hope in me that says: Give it a try although you can barely see the sun shining through.

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day sis and bros.

Your Henni


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