Settle Things

Hey there,

today I got an real issue to talk about. It’s kind a lack of mine and maybe some of you suffer from it like I do. Today I got a real long conversation on the phone with my mom who told me some things about my childhood and gave me her opinion about my feelings about future and my self-confidence.

In this conversation the most discussed topic and she read out a long list for me whether I have or have not a disease called Attention deficit disorder (abbr. ADD). It’s a disease which symptoms are lack of concentration, organisation and sometimes even social issues that combine to problem what can really make your life complicated.

I’m not a hypochondriac but the list my mom read out to me came really close to some situations I went through since my time as a teenager. So in the next weeks I’ll do a test at the doc to get the things straight. If I should have ADD then I know what to fight against and how to get rid of some of the symptoms. In the case all should work well and I get to know why my life is sometimes so overwhelming and not satisfying that would be the next step to get a aim to live for.

If there is someone who has got this disease I would really like to talk to him or her. Only to know what could await me afterwards if the test at the doc would be positive. Maybe I have hope to find something to know what problems I am fighting against. My psychological problems are so misty and not quite to see through.

Many people are under harsh conditions in this world. Many of us are living in a social isolation. I don’t want to live in this circumstances anymore. I want a live worth living with people to die for and people who love me like I am and also give everything.

I hope you have some of those. Or if not I’ll wish you the best to find someone who endows you the best of all presents in life: friendship.

Thanks for reading. Wish you an awesome day,

Your Henni


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