When nobody hears your voice

Hey there,
My name is Henni and today I want to talk about things that are left unsaid.

Maybe you know the feeling of just keep your mouth shut when it shouldn’t be. You are too shy would most of the people say who don’t know you. In your head and I can only assume what my mind bears. Walking through the manifold books of my library there are so many situations I kept shut because I didn’t want to hurt someone or give them a chance to method to me like this.

On thawing grudge is the result of this. Not for my counterpart but for myself. In some rare cases I have the grudge for my vis-a-vis but mostly for myself.

When do I find the braveness to say what I really feel? Deeper feelings and not a superficial talk about the current circumstances we live in. It’s so weird to see how my mouth forms words of bullshit while thinking forms another universe.

Nobody hears your voice because when yourself does not acknowledge your own thoughts and feelings how should the others do so. It’s obviously logical that the words won’t be said if you don’t plan to say them. In a way it’s a synonym for the things that hold us back and are not done in our life. May it be anxiety, money, or just a person inside you telling you that you can’t.

I wish you an awesome day,
Your Henni

Ps. I hope my new articles will be full written. Until then.


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